HO Scale Wheel Masks and Assembly Jigs

Last Updated November 28, 2022

Laser-cut Acrylic Wheel Masks

These paint masks are precision cut to fit popular high quality HO scale wheel sets. It not only keeps paint off of the wheel treads leaving just the front and back wheel faces and axle exposed for color, but keeps the modeler’s hands clean as well. The mask will hold four axles and, once painted, each of its “fingers” can be individually pulled apart to release one wheel set at a time. Unlike cardboard masks, these will last for years! The mask is easy to assemble from 5 clear acrylic parts; a plastic solvent glue, such as Creations Unlimited's Plastic-I-Weld, is all that is required.  

Kit No. 906 Kadee 33” Wheel Mask MSRP $10.95

Kit No. 907 Kadee 36” Wheel Mask MSRP $10.95

Kit No. 908 Intermountain/Reboxx 33” Wheel Mask MSRP $10.95

Kit No. 909 Intermountain/Reboxx 36” Wheel Mask MSRP $10.95

Kit No. 910 WalthersProto/LL Proto 2000 33” Wheel Mask MSRP $10.95

Kit No. 911 WalthersProto/LL Proto 2000 36” Wheel Mask MSRP $10.95

Kit No. 915 Caboose Grab Iron Bending Jig
- For use with Kit No. 851 (pre-2020 production kits)and other HO scale caboose kits MSRP $4.95

Kit No. 392 Cannon EMD Assembly Fixture
- For use with Cannon No. 1501 and No. 1502 EMD Cabs MSRP $4.95

Kit No. 900 Grabiron Bending & Drilling Template for AMB Passenger Car Sides - MSRP...$ 5.95

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